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System Requirements

To view online tutorials, you will need to have the latest version of Macromedia's Flash browser plugin installed on your computer. You will also need to disable popup blockers for your browser. To view the downloadable guides you'll need Acrobat Reader installed on your computer.

We recommend the following minimum system requirements:

  • High-speed (DSL/Cable) Internet access: For viewing interactive tutorials
  • Browser: Microsoft Internet Explorer 8.x or higher; Firefox 5 or higher; Safari 6 or higher.
  • Browser plug-ins: The latest version of Adobe Flash Player and Acrobat Reader
  • Browser settings: You should set your browser to the following specifications:
    • Turn off pop-up blocking
    • Enable JavaScript on your Web browser
    • Set your browser to refresh at every page
    • Not be behind a firewall that blocks cookies or blocks access to a secure server
    • Accept browser cookies
    • We recommend having your screen resolution set at 1024x768 pixels. You can also adjust the size of the popup window by clicking and dragging the lower-right-hand corner of the window frame.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have installed any additional internet security software packages such as spam blockers and system maintenance software, they may have changed your browser settings to disable cookies and block pop-ups. You can either restore your browser back to its default settings or configure your software to set "mypearsontraining.com" as a 'safe' site.