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Program Design

What is MathXL for School?

MathXL for School is a powerful online tutorial, homework, and assessment program that provides personalized practice and instruction through diagnostic tests and assessments. It provides teachers with time-saving tools and offers intervention and remediation for struggling students. Teachers and students can also use the program for test prep and summer school support.

What makes MathXL for School different?

• Teachers can link program content directly to relevant pages in a student's textbook.
• Students do not need special software installed on their computers, so they can access the program anywhere.
• Teachers can customize the program to cover material at any level.
• Since the program is math-specific, it's strategically designed to read mathematics answers and notation that students enter into their computers. This allows students to solve problems and submit solutions electronically.

Creating a Course

Which Pearson high school and middle school textbooks and curriculum does MathXL for School support?

MathXL for School supports Prentice Hall © 2011
Algebra 1, Geometry, and Algebra II. It also has embedded components integrated in the Prentice Hall High School Math 2011 Digital Path and in Middle Grades Math
digits © 2012 program.

What is the difference between MathXL for School problem exercises that are in the Prentice Hall High School 2011 Digital Path and the full MathXL for School program?

The Digital Path features only practice exercises. It does not feature a Gradebook, homework or assessment creation tools, or a Study Plan.

How do I create my own standards-based course for my middle school students?

MathXL for School is not just for high school math students. Teachers can now set up courses for their Grades 6, 7, and 8 math classes, no matter which textbook they are using, with the Create My Course option. This is a great option for students to gain additional practice during the school year, for intervention, or for summer school.
To set up a new course for your students, select Create My Course: Arithmetic to Algebra II from the drop-down menu. You can select many other textbook options besides Arithmetic to Algebra II.

Monitoring Students

Do I have to do anything for my students to access my MathXL for School course?

No. Students can register for MathXL for School, log in, and choose their school and the textbook used in your course to get started on their own. They can take sample tests and tutorials to do self-paced study. If you decide to create online assignments in MathXL for School, your students can choose your course in the Instructor/Course field, and their work will be tracked in your Gradebook.

How can my students use MathXL for School for their own self-paced study?

1. Have students take a sample test to determine their strengths and weaknesses.
2. The system will develop a personalized Study Plan based on the results from their pre-test or sample test. The Study Plan helps them focus on their areas of weakness.
3. Practice, practice, practice in the Study Plan!
4. Have students take the test again to prove their mastery.

What controls does MathXL for School provide so that teachers can monitor student activity and prevent students from guessing?

Teachers have this information in their Gradebook tool. Teachers can monitor the number of attempts and the time spent on each problem or assignment. MathXL for School can lock students out of a problem after any designated number of attempts to prevent guessing.

Training and Support

I forgot my log-in name and password. How can I retrieve them?

You can retrieve your log-in name and password by submitting an online request form (available from the MathXL for School log-in page). When completing this form, be sure to enter the email address you used to register for MathXL for School. Your log-in information will only be sent to this email address. If you need additional assistance, call Product Support at 1-800-677-6337.

Where can I access further product training and support?

Visit MathXLforSchool.com for a program walkthrough and product demonstrations. Click here to go directly to a comprehensive list of FAQs on the MathXL for School Web site.