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Program Foundations

What is myWorld Geography's goal?

The goal of myWorld Geography is to help students become engaged 21st century citizens and skilled 21st century learners.

Does myWorld Geography include history?

Yes. You can find history throughout myWorld Geography. Each unit contains a history of the region, and several units on myworldgeography.com include a timeline of historical events.

Program Components

What is the ProGuide?

The ProGuide uses a unit-by-unit approach. It combines a teacher's edition with a program overview, professional development, and Understanding by Design (UbD) lesson plans. The ProGuide also includes teaching resources for every lesson, such as differentiated instruction and standards correlations.

How does the ProGuide work?

The ProGuide uses a unit-by-unit approach, and it is separated into three main components: the Overview, the Unit ProGuides, and the Core Concepts Handbook.

Does myWorld Geography offer hands-on activities?

myWorld Geography includes integrated activities both in print and online. Refer to the Experience: Hands-on Activity Kit tutorial on this Web site.

How do I activate the Geographic-Information System (GIS) digital maps?

myWorld Geography incorporates the use of KMZ files on myworldgeography.com. First, download the KMZ files from myworldgeography.com. Then, use tools like Google Maps, NASA World Wind, or Bing Maps to import the KMZ files from myWorld Geography into these programs.

How do I use the Core Concepts materials?

You can teach each lesson for each Core Concept part as an introductory unit in your course or you can use it throughout the year to support or extend instruction. Each lesson gives specific objectives, expectations, or outcomes. The myWorld Activity Support reinforces the lesson's Core Concepts.

myWorldGeography.com on SuccessNet Plus

Where can I find my school code?

When you register, you will be prompted to enter a school code. If you do not have a school code, click Request Your School Code. Enter your email address, click Request, and Pearson will send you your code.

What do I do after I log in so I can get started with my content?

Add your program and create your classes. To learn more, find the SuccessNet Plus tutorials and Getting Started with SuccessNet Plus guide on this Web site.

Where can I do my planning online?

Click the Planner tab where you will find your Calendar. Click Lesson Plans, and then click Select Library where you will find myWorld Geography. Click the plus signs to expand the lesson plans. Drag the lessons onto the calendar on the desired due date.

How do I make assignments to my students?

Click the Planner tab, and under Programs, click Select Library where you will find myWorld Geography. Choose a unit, then drag the lesson onto your calendar on the desired due date.

Where can I find more training support for SuccessNet Plus?

Please visit the SuccessNet Plus training on this Web site.

Building Community

Are the myWorld teen ambassadors real?

Yes. The myWorld teen ambassadors come from all over the world. From privileged backgrounds to those who face hardships every day, these teens represent the similarities and differences among teens all over the world.

What is TakingITGlobal?

TakingITGlobal, or TIGed, is a global community where teachers and students can collaborate with other teachers and students across the world.

What is myWorld gives back?

Pearson donates a portion of the proceeds from the sales of the myWorld program to organizations that provide aid in the regions close to where the myWorld teen ambassadors live. For more details, visit http://pearsonmyworld.com/myworldgivesback.php.

Professional Development

Where is professional development woven into the program?

The ProGuide Overview contains nine professional development articles that address philosophies and strategies found in the program and provide essential background knowledge about the teaching practices of myWorld Geography. Other professional development resources include on-demand podcasts.

What other professional development is available?

Visit other professional development opportunities by clicking the On-site Prof Dev tab at the top of the page on this Web site.