Home Page Orientation

Let's look at the home page. Select a tab on the menu bar or a circle in the middle of the page to explore PROGRAMS, CLASSES, and GRADES.


Table of Contents

Click an item in the Table of Contents to get to a specific chapter, lesson, topic, or activity in your program.

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After you select CLASSES from the top menu bar or the orange CLASSES circle on the home page, the My Classes page appears. Click the class to view your assignments.

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Use the tabs above the list of assignments to view assignments by their status. Click on an assignment to open it.

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After you select GRADES from the top menu bar or the blue GRADES circle on the home page, click a class to view your grades for the class.

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The average score completed on tests is displayed in the Tests section. Click on a bar to see how you did on a test.

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Item Analysis

The Item Analysis displays your test score, each test question, the answers you chose, and the correct answers.

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The Progress section shows the status of all your assignments. The status is listed as Completed on time, Completed past due, In progress, or Not started. Click on a bar to view the assignments listed under the status.

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