Adaptive Homework and Practice Powered by Knewton

It’s been awhile since I taught in the classroom, but I recall never having enough time or resources to personalize instruction for thirty-two students. I did my best to watch my students’ faces and engagement levels as I taught each lesson and mentally took notes on who struggled. After the direct instruction portion of the lesson, I would race back to my desk to jot down names and call as many students to my desk as I could in the short time allotted for math.

As I worked to get through the material and follow the district’s pacing guide, it was hard to support a student whose needs exceeded the time provided. As a teacher, I felt a strong responsibility to help each student—knowing that each one learned differently and needed to feel successful.

When enVision partnered with Knewton to create the Adaptive Homework and Practice tool, I checked it out and was transported back to my teaching days and a group of former students. Caroline was bright and needed to be pushed. Rea struggled and needed two to three one-on-one sessions before she understood a concept. Tyson liked to learn, but he grasped concepts more quickly if they involved interactivity. And Raymond was two grade levels behind. That year I spent a lot of time pulling materials, creating extra lessons, and staying after school for individual tutoring sessions to make sure they continued to progress through the math content.

I wish I’d had this tool when I was teaching! Knewton delivers both instruction and practice. Each session begins with a task connected to the current lesson objective. As a student works through the assignment, adjustments are made in real-time, and the tool pinpoints the right grade level and prerequisite skills for that particular student. It also provides teachers real-time progress snapshots. Best of all, the system adaptively tailors the instruction to create a personalized experience!

This tool aligns to the enVIsionmath2.0 lesson pedagogy and steadily moves students forward so their learning never stops. It helps each student progress toward mastery by presenting targeted lessons at each student’s level to result in a more productive learning experience. No two assignments are the same; Knewton pulls all the Pearson Realize™ data on quizzes and tests together to personalize the experience for students.

If Caroline, Rea, Tyson, and Raymond were students in your classroom, you’d know that they are at different levels and learn in different ways. The more assignments made to students, the more Knewton knows about their specific needs. So if Rea needs to revisit a concept, Knewton learns that and presents it. If Raymond struggles and needs to take a few steps back, Knewton adapts and presents the prerequisite skills.

Students submit Knewton assignments, and teachers receive information that helps them make effective instructional decisions. Teachers can identify difficult concepts at a glance so that they can modify lessons accordingly, which results in fewer students requiring intensive intervention. What a time savings this would have been during my teaching years!

We’d love to hear from you! Have you used Adaptive Homework and Practice with your students?

Want to learn more? Watch the enVisionmath2.0 © 2016 Adaptive Homework and Practice Powered by Knewton (Grades 3–5) tutorial.

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