Save time with Google Classroom™ Integration

Did you know that Pearson Realize now features an integration option with Google Classroom? This means that you can use enVisionmath2.0 content together with your Google Classroom instructional plans to save time and better reach all students.

Choose digital content from Pearson Realize, assign materials, communicate, and collaborate with students with one click via the Classroom Share button.

You will need a few things before you can begin using Pearson Realize to create Google Classroom assignments:

  • A district-provided G Suite for Education account
  • Google Classroom accounts for your students
  • Pearson Realize accounts for your students

Want to learn more about using this in your classroom? Watch the Google Classroom Integration tutorial.

With the new Google Drive online storage service integration, you can

  • use your own files in Pearson Realize;
  • add links from your Google Drive directly into Pearson Realize lessons; and
  • assign those links to students.

For example, you can

  • upload files to customize lesson content;
  • teachers and students can upload files as attachments to discussion board posts;
  • students can upload their files to their assignment submissions; and
  • you can also add files to use with whole-class instruction.

Users need a Google account in order to use the Google Drive integration features in Pearson Realize. A district-provided G Suite for Education account or a personal Google account will also work.

Check out more in this Google Drive Integration tutorial!

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