Jump Right In

Are you new to myPerspectives? Jump right in and start learning the overall features, functions, and tools available in myPerspectives. Don't worry. We'll be here as you progress along your learning journey.


  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  02:10

Imagine the Possibilities

Quickly learn the possibilities and benefits of using myPerspectives. What can myPerspectives do for you? Take a peek!

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  08:00

Program Overview

You will get a great 30,000 foot view of this transformative curriculum that will help you improve student outcomes. This tutorial explores the myPerspectives English Language Arts program, a powerful student-centered curriculum that values the perspective of the learner, collectively and individually, and provides next generation learning experiences.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  08:00

Student-Centered Unit Structure

This tutorial will explore the student-centered unit structure. It will go over the unit organization and also review ways to promote collaboration and interaction among students.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  08:30

Digital Resources

Knowing how to navigate the digital components of the program will enable you to easily customize content and engage your 21st century learners. This tutorial explores the digital resources for my Perspectives. This tutorial will look at the customization components for teachers and students on Pearson Realizeā„¢ and will also show you ways to engage students through interactive digital perspectives.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  05:11

The Student Experience

You will see exactly what the students see when they interact with the program online. This tutorial explains the student experience on Pearson Realizeā„¢. The following topics are included: Home Page Orientation, Programs, Classes, and Grades.