Show Me the Data

Let the data do the talking. Your students generate a lot of data and it's not always easy to know what it all means. Let us help you explore the various reports that can help you make data-driven decisions and track student progress.



Digital Path: Assessments

This will help you navigate all online assessment resources in the program. #assessment rock star Looking for the myPerspectives Texas assessments? Follow the downloadable path to learn how. This is your handy cheat sheet for accessing the digital program materials.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  07:42

Class and Student Data

Once your students have taken assessments, this stepbystep guide will help you access their data so you can track trends and patterns, and monitor their progress. This tutorial explains how teachers can view class or student data. The following topics are included: View Class Data, and View Student Data.

  TUTORIAL  •  RUN TIME  06:19

Review and Score Assignments

This will help you provide timely feedback to your students. This tutorial will explain how to review and comment on content assigned to your student, and how to score student assignments.