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Pearson Chemistry © 2017 on Pearson Realize


Pearson Chemistry © 2017 combines our proven content with cutting-edge digital support to help students connect chemistry to their daily lives. With a fresh approach to problem-solving, a variety of hands-on learning opportunities, and more math support than ever before, Pearson Chemistry will ensure success in your chemistry classroom. Our program provides features and resources unique to Pearson—including the Understanding by Design Framework and powerful online resources to engage and motivate your students while offering support for all types of learners in your classroom. The Pearson Chemistry © 2017 copyright provides NGSS correlations and STEM Activities in the Student Edition.

A Fresh Approach to Problem-Solving Problem-solving and math support provide students with stepped-out sample problems that show them how to go about solving chemistry problems with hints along the way. Math tune-up pages to help students quickly review key math equations. integrates key concepts from your text and brings them alive online with complete Student and Teacher eTexts accessible through Realize and a comprehensive teacher center with more editable resources than any other program!

Virtual ChemLab Virtual ChemLab—another Pearson exclusive—offers a powerful lab simulation environment for performing investigations involving gas properties, calorimetry, titrations, qualitative analysis, and quantum chemistry.

Understanding by Design Built on Grant Wiggins' Understanding by Design framework. An exclusive to Pearson, this learning model connects curriculum, instruction, and assessment to the "Big Ideas" of chemistry so students develop deep understanding every day.