Pearson EasyBridge Auto

What is Pearson EasyBridge?

Pearson EasyBridge provides user management and class roster synchronization tools to customers in an effort to simplify platform setup tasks at the beginning of each school year.

Pearson EasyBridge Auto

Pearson EasyBridge Auto is an integrated service that includes automated roster synchronization. With this service, administrators and teachers no longer manage users or class rosters on the integrated Pearson K-12 learning platforms—Realize, Pearson SuccessNet, SuccessNet Plus, and Dash.

EasyBridge Auto Administrators

Access administrator video tutorials and handouts on the On-Demand Training tab. Training and documentation covers the EasyBridge Auto solution as well as learning platform administrator tasks, such as registering for an administrator account and running reports on Pearson Realize and Pearson SuccessNet.

EasyBridge Auto Teachers

The teacher video tutorials and handouts that explain the EasyBridge Auto solution, including how to access the learning platforms, are located on the On-Demand Training tab. Access additional training that explains how to make assignments, view student progress, and much more on each platform page: Pearson Realize, Pearson SuccessNet, SuccessNet Plus, eText, and Dash.

Pearson EasyBridge Overview

Pearson EasyBridge

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