Pearson EasyBridge Basic

What is Pearson EasyBridge?

Pearson EasyBridge provides user management and class roster synchronization tools to customers in an effort to simplify platform setup tasks at the beginning of each school year.

Pearson EasyBridge Basic

Pearson EasyBridge Basic provides centralized tools that enable administrators to manage teacher and student accounts that can be used for all Pearson K12 learning platforms. Administrators can also centrally upload, update, and manage classes on EasyBridge. Class rosters sync between EasyBridge, Pearson Realize, Pearson SuccessNet, and Dash. Be aware that SuccessNet Plus is not included in EasyBridge Basic class roster synchronization.

Teachers in EasyBridge Basic districts that do not have administrator support will benefit from class roster synchronization. Manually created classes and class enrollment changes sync between Pearson Realize, Pearson SuccessNet or Dash. Teachers then add products to the classes they want to use on the other platforms and make class roster adjustments.

EasyBridge Basic Administrators

Use the Levels of Administrator Support Guide to determine which tasks you want to complete to assist teachers with setup tasks. Training tutorials and handouts are available on the On-Demand Training tab.

EasyBridge Basic Teachers

EasyBridge Basic teachers manage their products and classes on each learning platform. Access the platform training pages to learn about these tasks along with how to make assignments, view student progress, and much more. Use these links to access teacher training for Pearson Realize, Pearson SuccessNet, SuccessNet Plus, eText, and Dash.

Pearson EasyBridge

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