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Prentice Hall Economics explores Essential Questions to help students of all abilities achieve fundamental understanding of core economic principles. Key concepts based on the 20 content standards of the National Council of Economic Education (NCEE) are developed throughout the program. Through an engaging narrative, interactive graphics, animations, videos, and the Personal Finance Handbook, students will apply their new knowledge to the real world and build lifelong skills.

The program was built with point of use extensions to the content available for teachers and students to drive deep comprehension and provide another path to understand new concepts and new ideas. To do this, point of use links to multimedia resources abound in the online text, SuccessNet Plus platform, and ancillary technology, such as:

  • Interactive - these are step-by-step simulations of the content that put students in a role and ask them to make choices based on what they have just learned.
  • Audio Tours provide a "video" - visual and audio overview of key issues, topics, or events. These break the above types of content down into subparts, describe each, and discuss how they work together.
  • The entire book is also read aloud and can be accessed/activated at point of use in the eText.
  • Economics Essential Question Video on DVD: Students gain an understanding of the Essential Questions for Economics through relevant videos. These unique videos have been developed and created by students. The 18 videos will bring a student perspective to the principles of economics that will connect to today's learners.
  • Webquests provide structured projects for students to explore more online about the topics they just studied in each chapter, and include step by step instructions for students to follow.
  • Interactive "Know It Show It" multimedia quizzes let students test what they know informally in a game-show format.
  • Document-Based Assessment links in the Chapter Assessment areas provide additional options to reinforce key content and skills.
  • Economics on SuccessNet Plus
    • For Teachers
      • Teachers easily access complete online planning, teaching, and assessment including lecture notes, multiple levels of worksheets, and easy-to-use management tools.
      • The online teaching tools also include SuccessTracker - an assessment tool that assigns tests, tracks student progress, assesses students' learning, and generates reports for administrators, students, and parents.
    • For Students
      • Students can access two levels of Online Student Editions, an Essential Questions Journal, the rich media assets on Economics on the Go Audio and Video, and online self-tests.
  • Teacher's Resource Library DVD-ROM includes a wide range of on-level and Foundations lesson plans, worksheets, and assessments. This built-in differentiation allows teachers to selectively choose among the resources that meet the needs of all students!