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ELLIS Essentials

What is ELLIS?

Complete with a robust management and reporting system, ELLIS is a powerful English language learning solution. ELLIS' individualized and prescriptive instruction inspires confidence while building core English skills in listening, vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, and communication.

Through engaging, digital media, learners receive exposure to authentic language contexts and natural language use. Optional native language support offers a comfortable, personalized experience while the Watch-Learn-Practice-Play/Perform instructional methodology provides consistency and predictability to quickly move learners from observer to active participant. Additional audio manipulation tools and translations of instructions and page navigation provide enough help to allow learners to make immediate gains.


ELLIS draws from an extensive body of instructional methodology research advocating lesson contextualization, provision of comprehensible input, negotiation of meaning, converting input into intake through noticing, recycling and reviewing, chunking, learner motivation, communicative interaction, collaboration, and multi-modal instruction. The result is an engaging and supportive language learning environment that provides exposure to authentic language use rooted in real-life language contexts. Learners are simultaneously challenged with realistic language input and supported with a number of unique tools and resources that ensure a rewarding and motivating experience of immersion, not submersion.

Why ELLIS Works

Context is everything.
ELLIS' dynamic multimedia lessons are built around real-world situations such as riding a school bus or going to a store. Students gain the practical ability to handle dynamic conversational exchanges—not just static vocabulary and formula sentences. This builds foundational skills for academic success.

Learners feel safe and supported.
Lessons are personalized and one-on-one, so students can study and practice English on their own, with confidence. As an extra safety net, the program incorporates extensive native language support for a number of populations.

Technology speaks to learners.
ELLIS engages students thoroughly. It's a rich environment where videos, interactive role playing, and voice recording and playback all encourage active learning. The technology also enables quick and frequent feedback to reinforce progress.