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MathXL® for School


MathXL® for School is an essential online addition to any core curriculum that provides personalized instruction and practice for middle and high school students of all levels. Tied directly to more than 300 Pearson mathematics and statistics texts, teachers can easily create, edit, and assign homework and tests.

With MathXL for School, teachers can:

  • Personalize learning
  • Have homework automatically graded
  • Focus instruction
  • Engage with interactive media

MathXL for School via EasyBridge

MathXL for School is available as a standalone product by logging in at, or it can be integrated with a student information system (SIS) via Pearson EasyBridge Plus or Pearson EasyBridge Auto. When accessing training resources, be sure to choose the appropriate resources since they differ depending on how you are accessing MathXL for School. If you are not sure how you access MathXL for School, talk to your IT Administrator.